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BillFloat’s Three-Step Process

Customers of BillFloat enlist the company’s help to pay bills to over 2,500 utilities, insurance providers, cable companies, and other billers around the United States. In return for a processing fee and an interest rate much lower than most short-term loans, BillFloat will pay a customer’s bill on time and allows them to repay later.

Using BillFloat is easy and fast. First, after applying and being approved by BillFloat, a customer provides the biller’s name and their account number, as well as the amount of the bill and the date it must be paid. Then, BillFloat pays the biller directly. Next, the company schedules an automatic withdrawal of the repayment amount from the customer’s bank account. BillFloat also sends out a reminder of the pending withdrawal and allows customers to repay early if they wish to save on total interest paid.


Tips for Saving for Your Next Vacation

Founded in 2009, BillFloat, Inc., currently serves nearly 1 million customers dealing with unexpected expenses, work losses or making purchase over time. The next time you need extra time to pay your bills, consider applying for an affordable BillPay personal line of credit from BillFloat. The firm understands the challenges that come along with financial stress and the importance of maintaining normalcy even in rough economic times.

For many Americans, summer means vacation season, but not all of us have a solid plan for how we will pay for that much-needed week of relaxation. Studies have shown that vacations are critical for both mental and physical health, especially if you work in a high-stress environment. Additionally, most people would agree that getting into the habit of saving money is much easier when those funds will go toward something fun and exciting. Moreover, this practice may encourage you to start putting away money for everything from unexpected expenses to retirement savings.

Begin saving for your next vacation by opening up a savings account solely for the trip. This will allow you to clearly set a budget and track trip costs. Additionally, you can set up automatic transfers into the account, putting aside an amount that fits into your normal monthly budget. Other tried-and-true methods for vacation saving include collecting your spare change on a daily basis and selling unused household items on eBay or Craigslist. These excess funds can significantly bolster your vacation budget.

Finally, you can also use your new saving strategies to encourage your children to save for souvenirs and other vacation treats, a lesson that will instill positive financial habits from an early age.

The Typical BillFloat Customer

Over its four years helping customers pay bills on time, BillFloat has grown rapidly. More than 930,000 customers currently use the company to pay bills to over 2,500 billers. Recently, BillFloat completed extensive research in order to build a profile of its average customer and learn what they think of its service.

The typical BillFloat customer is a female parent between the age of 25 and 45. She has some college education, works a full-time job, and makes between $35,000 and $45,000 every year. She only uses BillFloat occasionally. The vast majority of customers pay their bills on time and without assistance in the billing period after they use BillFloat.

BillFloat customers most frequently use the service to cover wireless bills. They also rely on BillFloat to occasionally pay their utilities, insurance, and cable bills. In addition, most customers who have responded to the company’s surveys do not see BillFloat as a license to make late payments, and an overwhelming majority of them appreciate billers who offer the service and would like to see more companies make use of it.