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BillFloat Uses State-of-the-Art Security and Privacy Systems

An industry-leading financial services technology company with over 1 million registered users, BillFloat, Inc., helps customers pay their monthly bills and restore their good financial standing. Throughout all of its activities, the company remains firmly dedicated to information security and privacy, employing the same security measures as many financial institutions and large banks. The following provides a look at some of the privacy measures implemented by BillFloat.

VeriSign 128-bit SSL encryption: One of the most widely used online security verifications, SSL encryption with VeriSign protects sensitive client information and minimizes unwanted business exposure. In addition to offering top-quality protection, VeriSign regularly scans systems for malware and conducts vulnerability assessments.

McAfee independent monitoring: To ensure full system integrity and the security of customer data, longtime computer security company McAfee performs independent testing of all systems and processes.

TRUSTe certification: One of the top data privacy management companies in the world, TRUSTe ensures that businesses collect and store customer data in a safe and effective manner.