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BillFloat CTO Offers Tech Advice to Entrepreneurs

Technology underpins BillFloat’s strategy to open up financial options for consumers underserved by traditional institutions. The company’s chief technology officer recently contributed a piece to CitizenTekk.com on his experience helping BillFloat build its technology platform, as well as on what lessons other start-ups could take from it.

The CTO focused his article on BillFloat’s use of Ruby on Rails, a software development framework that had earned a reputation for being easy and quick to use when he started work at BillFloat in 2009. A few years later, the company was expanding and needed its technology platform to grow as well. The CTO found himself needing to scale up the company’s efforts and create multiple products without damaging its ongoing efforts. Ruby on Rails proved up to the task.

When giving advice to other start-ups, the CTO focused on two ideas. First, he said, companies should initially focus on developing just one application, making sure to establish product interest before spending too much development time on it. Second, he said that technology is sometimes the easiest part of development and that the human side of managing teams and creating effective processes deserves plenty of attention as well.


BillFloat Uses State-of-the-Art Security and Privacy Systems

An industry-leading financial services technology company with over 1 million registered users, BillFloat, Inc., helps customers pay their monthly bills and restore their good financial standing. Throughout all of its activities, the company remains firmly dedicated to information security and privacy, employing the same security measures as many financial institutions and large banks. The following provides a look at some of the privacy measures implemented by BillFloat.

VeriSign 128-bit SSL encryption: One of the most widely used online security verifications, SSL encryption with VeriSign protects sensitive client information and minimizes unwanted business exposure. In addition to offering top-quality protection, VeriSign regularly scans systems for malware and conducts vulnerability assessments.

McAfee independent monitoring: To ensure full system integrity and the security of customer data, longtime computer security company McAfee performs independent testing of all systems and processes.

TRUSTe certification: One of the top data privacy management companies in the world, TRUSTe ensures that businesses collect and store customer data in a safe and effective manner.

Tips for Saving for Your Next Vacation

Founded in 2009, BillFloat, Inc., currently serves nearly 1 million customers dealing with unexpected expenses, work losses or making purchase over time. The next time you need extra time to pay your bills, consider applying for an affordable BillPay personal line of credit from BillFloat. The firm understands the challenges that come along with financial stress and the importance of maintaining normalcy even in rough economic times.

For many Americans, summer means vacation season, but not all of us have a solid plan for how we will pay for that much-needed week of relaxation. Studies have shown that vacations are critical for both mental and physical health, especially if you work in a high-stress environment. Additionally, most people would agree that getting into the habit of saving money is much easier when those funds will go toward something fun and exciting. Moreover, this practice may encourage you to start putting away money for everything from unexpected expenses to retirement savings.

Begin saving for your next vacation by opening up a savings account solely for the trip. This will allow you to clearly set a budget and track trip costs. Additionally, you can set up automatic transfers into the account, putting aside an amount that fits into your normal monthly budget. Other tried-and-true methods for vacation saving include collecting your spare change on a daily basis and selling unused household items on eBay or Craigslist. These excess funds can significantly bolster your vacation budget.

Finally, you can also use your new saving strategies to encourage your children to save for souvenirs and other vacation treats, a lesson that will instill positive financial habits from an early age.