BillFloat Offers Benefits to Service Providers and Billers

Providing customers with more time to pay their bills and instant financing at the point-of-sale, BillFloat offers many advantages to partnering service providers, billers and retailers. Utilizing a wide range of methods that have the ability to integrate directly with billers’ existing websites, the company’s platorm helps reduce customer churn, lower costs for collection, improves on-time payment and helps generate additional revenues. Through the creation of a secure and easy-to-use system that provides useful services for both customers and partners, BillFloat simplifies every aspect of the payment process.

Service providers who partner with BillFloat gain access to an innovative payment option that ensures timeliness and reduces risk. The company’s cutting-edge decision engine for underwriting automates the customer approval process using both non-traditional data and bank account information, while the integrated open APIs allow for easy implementation on a partner’s website. Given that 97% of BillFloat’s customers make timely payments the month after using the service, the service provides a risk-free way to bolster a partner’s brand image and customer satisfaction by providing more payment options. The timeliness of the payments also reduces the number of customers who must be dealt with via collections processes and increases the likelihood that customers will discontinue service due to non-payment or lateness. To learn more about how BillFloat’s platform can help your business, visit


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